Saturday October 19th, 2019

RealSTATs Fact #8: Butler is the highest priced county in southwestern Pennsylvania with a median home price of $177,000 in 2010.

Municipalities and School Districts

RealSTATs weekly updates and powerful software package enable municipalities to accomplish more in less time and recoup lost tax revenues. Departmental advantages include:

Update new resident list
Send welcome packets/news letters
Useful information includes library, volunteer fire company, emergency numbers, EIT registration form, US census form, pet license, voter registration.
Identify under and over assessed properties– useful in budget planning.
Provide sales information to residents either free in book form or for fee on a per request basis
Inform Council Members of sales in the community

Earned Income Tax Collectors
Find/confirm move-in & move-out dates for residents
Find landlord/property owner for rental properties
Track history of ownership

Real Estate Tax Collectors
Update ownership records
Send notices to new property owner
Tax certification letters; history of ownership

Planning, Zoning & Code Enforcement
Update GIS system - new parcels, owner name, sales data
Track market trends, new construction, lot sales

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